Biking for Babies:

renewing the culture

of life in America,

one pedal stroke at a time

Biking for Babies is committed to renewing the culture of life in America. That’s why we ride. Why not join us?


How long until we ride for life?








Inspiration and Invitation: B4B 2016 Begins

Early this morning, at 6 a.m., 22 young men and women set off on a pro-life adventure that will become one of the most memorable weeks of their lives. Team Chicago and Team New Orleans began their journey over 1,000 miles apart; in just 4 days, they will unite and finish before family, friends, and pregnancy resource centers for whom they resolved to make this unique journey six months ago.

Life After Birth: Meet Wyandotte Pregnancy Clinic

Not only do PRCs advocate for choosing life with Christ-like compassion, they are also deeply invested in the success and well-being of the families, prepared to offer practical and loving support during all stages of pregnancy as well as after the child’s birth. In so doing, all pregnant women can have the confidence to accept the gift of life they’ve been given, knowing they will not be alone.